Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How could I forget?

The girls went on their official first vacation. We all went on a red-eye flight (which was delayed both ways) to Nevada to see my dad and his wife. (KK and Tutu) For the most part, the girls did great on the plane. I can't say I want to rush back on a plane with them, but at least we know what to expect now. They were such good kids! Julia had a hard time sleeping there, but then again, she does everywhere but her own bed these days!

They each got to buy their very own pink fishing rod from Bass Pro Shops (KK's favorite place in the whole world!) They even got to test them out at Lake Mead. We rented a boat for the day (which was good seeing as though it was 105 degrees out that day). They also each got a pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing on the lake. We also fished off a dock another day. I think as soon as our trip was over, KK went and bought his own boat!! :)

We went to a community spray part (which was awesome and dad didn't waste any time holding me under the freezing water - until my kids started to cry because they thought he was hurting me). Even "Uncle" Jesse got in on the water action to cool off. We went to Circus Circus one day to see the sights and to go to their little amazement park in there.

One day, we drove to see the Hoover Dam and drove to the Arizona side, just to say we went to Arizona!! Julia was even able to catch up on some good reading! (I keep meaning to send that picture into the magazine!)

Julia got to spend her 2nd birthday there and KK set up the best little party!! Did I mention that Julia and KK are 2 peas in a pod? They are both instigators and love when people get mad/annoyed with them. Watch out world! On the last day, we took the girls to Mandalay Bay to go to their Shark Aquarium.

What a great vacation!!!

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